My Plan

for America

In the first 100 days as your President, I’ll go big and be bold to work with Congress on:

Ending Gun Violence

No more turning a blind eye to American lives stolen by gun violence. We must enact truly universal background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases, do more to take guns away from domestic abusers, push states to adopt gun violence restraining order laws, and remove weapons of war from our communities once and for all. I’m the only candidate calling for a mandatory national ban and buyback of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.

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Health Care

Too many Americans still find themselves having to choose between paying rent or paying medical bills, between buying food or buying prescriptions – and nobody should have to rely on a GoFundMe or a collection jar because they’ve fallen ill. Americans need a healthcare guarantee: If you’re sick, you’ll be seen by a doctor, and if you’re seen, you’ll never go broke because of it. We also must make a huge public investment in finding cures in our lifetime for the diseases that ail us, from Alzheimer’s to ALS to cancer. Our technology is surging forward, our innovation is vast – we should focus that on saving lives.


Every American child deserves a world-class education in a modern schoolhouse, regardless of wealth or ZIP Code. And we must re-associate college with opportunity instead of crushing debt that leaves many unable to launch businesses, buy homes, or start families. We need no-interest federal student loans, tax-free employer contributions, and debt-free college for public university students who do work-study and commit to bettering their communities after graduation.

Clean Government

Americans have reached consensus on many important issues, but our voices are silenced by the dirty maps and dirty money polluting our government. On gun violence, health care, education, and more, people like you and I – people who weren’t born with political connections or deep pockets – are not being heard in Washington. I’ll fight for a constitutional amendment to undo the Citizens United ruling, but meanwhile, we must require secret-money groups to disclose their donors; upgrade transparency rules for online political ads; and start moving toward public financing of campaigns by creating a small donor-focused matching system. And to end the dirty maps created by partisan gerrymandering, all states must adopt independent redistricting commissions so politicians can’t draw lines to protect themselves or each other.

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